100% Tortilla Inspection with Automatic Rejection

Any tortilla production line can easily integrate a Sightline inspection system into their process. This will provide an immediate benefit and rapid payback of the capital cost.

Some of the specific benefits of tortilla inspection include:

  • Elimination of all defects, doubles and misshaped products that would normally jam-up the counter-stackers
  • Reduction in packaging labor requirements due to automated rejection AND improved operation of packaging line (better products => better stacks => better operation)
  • Real-time trends and production analysis to operators, including lane-by-lane analysis, to allow for better decisions and better operation of press and other upstream equipment
  • Full breakdown of rejection by type and by lane, to help identify and correct root-cause problems
  • Ability to generate daily/weekly/monthly reports for all critical measurements, including reject types, lane analysis and product-to-product comparisons

Every Sightline tortilla system is fully configurable, easy to use, and FULL COLOR, to ensure that all your products are measured in the way that suits your needs. Implementing 100% inspection has never been easier!