Sightline Process Control designs and builds a family of ‘turn-key’ 2D/ 3D/ Color inspection systems from 6″ to 60″ wide that can be installed directly into (or over) an existing production.

All of our systems can be combined with a precision rejection device that removes individual defective products from a random stream… even at speeds of 300 ft/min!

We also design customized solutions to fit your exact needs; whether you need a system that will fit into a tight spot, or a system that needs to meet your specific mechanical/electrical requirements.

Our systems are easy to use, easy to install and use no proprietary hardware in the design.

We make automatic inspection easy!

Our family of products includes:

In-Line 100% Inspection/ Rejection Systems

Over-Line Monitoring Systems

Laboratory/ Off-Line Systems

These are complete turn-key units that are fully washdown and can be installed in even the harshest environments. Provide continuous real-time data to operators and managers to ensure peak performance of your production line. Provide the ability to run any product manually through the system and automatically measure and store all critical product attributes.

Our measurement and analysis software is included with every system and is based on the latest imaging technology. The software uses 3D laser imaging and true COLOR cameras for optimal object detection, accurate measurements and easy identification of key product features. All of our systems measure in industry-standard units so that portable and traceable specifications can be created, verified and adhered to.

All of our inspection systems measure a wide variety of 2-dimensional (length, width, diameters, hole size, etc.), 3-dimensional (heights, slopes, volumes, etc.) and color-based information (color, topping coverage, split width, etc.) to ensure that all of your critical product attributes can be measured in a meaningful way.