100% Inspection Systems with Automatic Rejection (In-Line)

The ability to measure every single manufactured product, with the option to reject individual defects, is a powerful tool for any production line.

It is also a way to help you better understand and better control your process, and make sure that your customer is getting the product quality they expect.

Lines that currently use manual inspection will be able to dramatically reduce operating costs, while those without dedicated inspectors can immediately benefit from the visibility of product quality and wastage rates in real-time!

On the plant floor, operators and supervisors can also see and respond to process variation, using trend graphs and real-time data to make better decisions and better adjustments. Automatic responses to out-of-control conditions can also be customized to ensure that your process stays within its normal operating range.

All production, quality and rejection information can also be accessed remotely, using industry-standard OPC connectivity. Now any OPC-compliant device in your facility can gather actual production data in real-time. This data can be used for remote operator displays, automated controls, and a wide range of other factory automation.

Historical data collected by the inspection system is automatically stored in common formats such as Microsoft Excel or MS-Access, allowing you to analyze data and generate reports using software you are already familiar with.

Installation of these systems is simple, and can normally be completed in a one day shutdown. System conveyor widths are available from 12″ to 60″ wide, with speeds up to 300 ft/min.

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