Off-Line and Laboratory Systems

Off-line systems provide maximum flexibility for customers and/or applications that demand it. These systems offer the flexibility of measuring any product at any time, by simply placing them on an integrated conveyor belt.

Off-line systems are low-cost and can support hundreds of product types across dozens of lines. They are well suited for R&D labs, corporate offices or in production facilities that have several lines to support.

These systems include the ability to manually run products through the system, and then automatically analyze and store all critical product data. Individual raw data points can be stored directly into MS Excel® spreadsheets for immediate reporting and/ or further analysis.

Hundreds of products can be configured and stored on the system, with all generated data properly stored in a manageable and retrievable format.

Off-line systems are typically used in multi-line production facilities to speed up and simplify product quality data collection across several production lines. These systems can also be used in corporate quality and R&D offices to generate meaningful product specifications that are based on accurate and reliable measurements.

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