Continuous Over-Line Process/ Product Monitoring

A lower cost alternative to in-line inspection/ rejection systems, over-line systems can usually be installed directly over existing conveyors and still provide the same key production data.

Over-Line systems automate measurement tasks and eliminate operator intervention, measurement bias and tedious data entry. These systems can measure anywhere from 10% to 100% of your production, depending on your requirements, and the data collected can be used to create QA, production and trend graph reports.

Production statistics like process capability (Cp, Cpk) can now be easily obtained and no longer require any manual sampling. You can also accurately quantify process and product problems such as color variation, startup times and other process issues.

Installation is easy, and simply involves mounting a 3D scanning module directly over your production line. Any one of these ‘over-the-line’ systems can also be upgraded to a full 100% Inspection/Rejection system at any time in the future, should your requirements change.

The over-line system has all of the features and benefits of the in-line system, except that it cannot perform automated rejection. If desired, automatic rejection can be added to the system if requirements change in the future.

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