Training is available for all Sightline systems, and is normally separated into two sections: Operator and Maintenance.

Operator training is designed to teach plant floor personnel how to use the system and interpret the data. Specifically, some of the topics covered include:

  • Starting and stopping the inspection system
  • Getting raw data from individual objects
  • Getting trend and statistical data from the current run
  • Understanding why an object was rejected
  • Evaluating the overall rejection rates by category
  • Verification and calibration of the system

Maintenance training covers the following topics:

  • System components and their functions
  • Operation of the conveyor system
  • Replacing conveyor components
  • Preventative maintenance procedures
  • Vision system components and theory of operation
  • Replacing consumables components (e.g. lights)
  • Diagnostic tools

Either of these courses can be taught on-site, or at Sightline offices. Hands on operation and procedures form an integral part of the training to ensure personnel have actual experience performing the procedures.