Better Decisions Require Better Data

In today’s competitive environment, manufacturers are looking for every advantage and improvement that will make them more productive, more efficient and more profitable.

Sightline’s inspection systems give our customers the ability to SEE their production in real-time, QUANTIFY rejection and wastage rates, and MEASURE key attributes like product quality and throughput.

These are critical metrics in any manufacturing facility, and are tools that can identify and drive projects such as:

  • Productivity Improvements:

    Using Sightline’s historical data, customers can accurately identify the impact of stoppages, changeovers, and other production anomalies… and quantify the savings and productivity improvements that would result from fixing root-cause problems.

  • Modernization and Automation:

    Eliminating defective products automatically from the production line, without operator intervention, often enables further automation on the same production line. For example, automation projects in the packaging area can generate large savings, but usually require consistent products to perform as designed.

  • Product Quality Management:

    Ensuring that customer expectations are always met or exceeded is key to retaining customers, and critical to getting new ones. Showing your customers that you have a system in place to manage their specifications, from concept to end customer, will demonstrate your commitment to the quality of their product.

All of these projects, and many more, can benefit from the measurements and reports generated from a Sightline inspection system. Using hard data, much of the guesswork can be eliminated from the day-to-day operation, and the long-term strategic planning of your company.

Sightline is dedicated to building the best inspection systems in the industry; systems that add real value to your production lines, in a format that is easy to install, easy to use and easy to understand.