About Us

At Sightline, our goal was to build better inspection systems from the ground up. We wanted to make automated inspection ‘easy’, and eliminate the proprietary, ‘black box’ approach to vision systems. We wanted a system that used no specialized hardware or single-sourced components; a system that was simple, reliable and would integrate easily into any industrial environment.

We have now launched an entire family of products based on this design philosophy and we have made sure that every product is at a price point that makes sense for its application.

A dedication to excellent customer support and service are also part of our core philosophy. We support systems around the globe using the latest troubleshooting and connectivity tools to make sure support is fast and effective.

Our systems have been installed in some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world, as well as in smaller independent facilities. We are proud of our installations and are happy to provide references to any of our potential customers… all you have to do is ask!

Contact us to learn more about Sightline Process Control Inc. and how we can help you.