100% Bun Inspection (with or w/o Automatic Rejection)

A wide range of measurements are available for every bun that passes through the system.

Some of these measurements include:

  • Bun Height
  • Bun Color (with or without topping)
  • Topping coverage (% of area)
  • Bun Diameters (Min, Max, Average)
  • Out-of-Roundness (% or absolute)
  • Slopes
  • Length and Width (for rectangular buns)
  • Split Width
  • and many others…

The system can also detect and track a variety of user-specified defect types such as:

  • Blisters (area of and number of blisters)
  • Doubles/triples
  • Improper Seeding (voids)
  • Flipped Buns
  • Dented
  • Blotchy
  • and many others…

Any of the raw measurements of defect types can be used to drive rejection, or simply displayed in real-time to operators. This data can also be used to generate Pareto reports so that the primary causes of waste can be identified, tracked and reduced.