At Sightline, we pride ourselves in being able to provide the best service and support for your vision system, whether it is a Sightline system or a third-party system.

Our support team members have a wide range of machine vision, automation and computer expertise, and they can support virtually any type of vision system that you may have.

We have designed upgrades, conversions and support plans that will revitalize your old vision system, and allow you to continue to maximize your original investment.

For our own systems, Sightline has fast, Internet-based connections to all of our customer systems, ensuring that we can respond quickly to any issues, and provide fast and easy upgrades.

We support customers across North America, as well as in Europe, and Asia, and we can offer support 24/7 if required.

Some of our service activities are discussed in more detail:

New System Commissioning Training
Support for Sightline Vision Systems Support for Third Party Vision Systems
Vision System Upgrades and Conversions