Vision System Upgrades and Conversions

Sightline has designed several upgrade and conversions for older vision systems that allow you to extend the life of your existing system.

Some of our upgrades and conversions are:

New Lighting Assemblies for Dipix and Lawrence Equipment Systems

We have a wide range of Dipix-compatible and Lawrence-compatible lighting assemblies that will improve the operation of your vision system and lower your operating costs.

Our lighting assemblies are brighter and better than the original manufacturer’s lighting, and are much lower cost to maintain (typically less than $50 per year).

Why pay thousands of dollars every year when you can have better lights that you can change the bulbs yourself… for $50 a year!

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CPU and Operating System Upgrades

One of the easiest ways of extending the life of your older vision system is to eliminate any obsolete operating systems (e.g. Win95, WinNT, etc) and obsolete hardware, since both of these can cause major support headaches (lack of available parts, limited technical support, etc).

A Sightline CPU upgrade includes an operating system upgrade, as well as new hard drives, a DVD drive and a new CPU power supply. It is essentially a complete rebuild of all the critical CPU components.

The new CPU is also 5-10 times faster than most of the older CPU’s in the field, making the day-to-day use of the system faster and easier.

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Vision System Conversions

By converting your older vision system to a new Sightline system, you can have a new 2D/ 3D/ color inspection system that preserves a substantial portion of your original investment.

Sightline can easily convert your old vision system to our modern hardware and software platform by simply replacing all of the obsolete electronics, cameras and computer hardware with our ‘state-of-the-art’ replacements.

All of the existing frame, conveyor and rejection components can be used with the new components, which means a substantial savings off a complete new system.

Typical conversion pricing for a Lawrence Equipment or Dipix System ranges from $10,000 to $25,000… which represents a substantial savings over a new system installation!

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